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The Copenhagen House in Solvang

THE COPENHAGEN HOUSE aims to represent some of the best design products from contemporary Denmark in the traditional Danish town of Solvang, the Danish Capital of America. At THE COPENHAGEN HOUSE, we are not only making it look Danish, we are Danish and we sell only Danish products.

We are located in the old Santa Ynez Valley bank building established in 1919 by Danish immigrants. We have kept the exterior respectful to the architectural tradition of Solvang but the interior features Danish design in furnishing and flooring inspired by the Copenhagen Airport. Furthermore our lobby features an 800 pound and 10 foot tall statue carved out of American cedar wood of the Danish mythical hero - HOLGER DANSKE. It has been said, that this particular Holger Danske in Solvang will wake up and come to the rescue if the "Danishness of Solvang ever gets in trouble".


flag.pngVisit THE COPENHAGEN HOUSE and indulge yourself in experiences while shopping contemporary Denmark. Mange Tak.

The Copenhagen House and Solvang 1900s / Courtesy Elverhøj Museum